Our Promoters have been in the Gem & Jewelry industry for more than 25 years. They have extensive knowledge and experience in the manufacturing and distribution of ethically sourced mined diamonds. A few years ago we were approached to invest in high technology to grow beautiful gem-quality diamonds which would have a guaranteed conflict-free origin, free of the tag “Blood Diamonds.” New Grown Diamond was established in 2018, where we have invested strongly over the years in advanced/disruptive technologies to successfully grow gem-quality Lab-Grown Diamonds.

Our Experts who handle the technology side of the business have a veteran team of researchers and developers who are continuously working towards new milestones to stay one step ahead in the fast-evolving lab diamonds growing technology. This has enabled us to hold a variety of international patents that provide broad intellectual property protection for the diamond growing process.

We have a state of the art diamond polishing factory with world-class latest technology and equipment in Surat, Gujarat. Our master diamond cutters have years of experience to cut and polish rough stones into beautiful and sparkling Lab-Grown Polished Diamonds. The company’s robust infrastructure enables us to meet the rapidly increasing industry requirements with a competitive response. Being part of the lab-made diamonds industry at such a pivotal moment, we are enthusiastic about taking untrodden paths and have carved a niche.

We create diamonds of the future.

  •  We innovate, craft, and sustain the technology making a difference.
  •  Every single CVD Diamond is unique, as every one of us.
  •  Every man-made Diamond grows in its own unique shape
  •  To make a Diamond in New Grown Diamond is an art.
  •  The Diamond cultivated is pure and innocent.
  •  We produce consistent quality and that also within fastest lead time and everything IN House
  •  And above all no Carbon FootPrints.