Why choose CVD Diamonds over Mined Diamonds?

Thinking about dropping mined diamonds in the past and covering the future of CVD diamonds? Smart move, if we may accurately say so! It’s true — there are ethical, economic, and environmental advantages to choosing CVD diamonds over mined diamonds, and we’re pointing them out in this blog. Here’s why choosing lab-grown is the savvy, smart, and conscious choice (as well as the only real way to get ethical diamonds) — for you, for others, and for Earth:

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You know the origin of your diamond

An advantage that is near and dear to our team’s heart, the greatest advantage is that the most ethical diamonds are created in the lab. The mining industry has not just a historically problematic past, but there are still, to this day, problems with blood diamonds, child labor, and exploited workers across the entire mining supply chain. And, thanks to technology, it’s easier than ever to smuggle unregulated diamonds into the market. Consider this report from Global Witness — it shares exactly how common it is for traffickers to sell loose diamond stones on digital messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. It’s clear that the Kimberley Process, which is the UN’s resolution to stop the trade of blood diamonds, is ineffective. Hence, the only 100% recognized solution to guarantee you get ethical diamonds is to go for a lab grown stone. If you’re interested in learning more about how our diamonds help with issues like child labor, check out this blog we wrote on the topic.

Because of the price, you get a larger diamond for your budget

This may be one of the more obvious draws to CVD diamonds, and we have to admit that getting more bling for your buck is a pretty exciting incentive. Questioning why CVD diamonds are so much more affordable? The answer is rooted in some deceptive marketing practices from the mining industry, as well as the fact that one company had a monopoly on the mining industry for nearly a century. Long story short, the whole “Diamonds are forever” advertising campaign was born from the desire to get consumers to pay big bucks for diamonds following the war. Couple that with one company who controlled the prices and you can see exactly why mined diamonds are priced so high. CVD diamonds, however, don’t have the markup that mined diamonds do — which means you can splurge on a bigger rock! And there’s one more advantage that New World Diamonds has over others: we own our very own lab, which means our ethical diamonds are even more affordable than others. Whether you’re searching for loose diamond stones or looking for a piece of jewelry, our prices can’t be beaten — compare them for yourself here.

You can afford fancy colored diamonds

Colored diamond gemstones used to be a status symbol of only the most wealthy, thanks to the fact that they are very rare. However, growing diamonds in the lab has become a true game-changer in that, now, thanks to technology and scientific breakthroughs, stunning hues are available at affordable prices. This is very exciting for status quo disruptors who don’t want to settle for a traditional white diamond engagement ring, and it also means that stunning statement jewelry pieces are now available.

Here at New Grown Diamonds, we have impressive colors of loose diamond stones that can be composed into a unique custom setting fit for your (or your partner’s!) style and character. Browse our blue, orange, and pink loose diamond stones here, and check out some olive-colored diamond stud earrings, a smoky gray-colored diamond infinity band, or an orange-colored diamond engagement ring.

CVD diamonds are better for Earth

Have you heard of life-cycle thinking? It’s a way of thinking about products from their origin all the way through to their disposal (not that you would ever throw away a diamond!). It’s helpful in the realm of sustainability because as consumers, we often don’t consider the environmental impacts of our purchases. However, with alarming climate data becoming more well-known, we know that many people want to do better for our planet. When you think about the origin of a mined diamond, you’ve got to consider the amount of carbon-intensive energy required to extract it from the ground. This heavy equipment leaves massive holes in the ground, destroying surrounding ecosystems and communities. Worse yet, because so many of the Earth’s diamonds have already been extracted from the ground, these mining operations are taking place in near-arctic conditions in Siberia and Canada, where even more energy is required thanks to the ice and frigid conditions.

Wondering how much energy is required to create CVD diamonds? It depends. The process used to create the diamond is a major factor that determines how energy-intensive the creation is. At New Grown Diamonds, we use the Chemical Vapor Distillation (CVD) method, which is much more Earth-friendly than High High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT), and all of our diamonds are grown in the US. Sustainable, ethical diamonds, for the win!

Better quality diamonds are grown in a lab

You can thank scientists for this one. They’ve rigorously worked toward creating pure diamonds, which means that CVD diamonds have fewer imperfections and flaws than their mined counterparts. Therefore, when these diamonds are graded during the certification process, they have a better Clarity grade, which proves they are of higher quality. We can’t speak for all CVD diamonds on this, but it’s certainly true at New Grown Diamonds. Every diamond we sell (loose diamond stones and pre-set alike) is certified by an independent lab, and you can view the specifics from the grading report in respective product descriptions.

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