Lab Grown Diamonds important facts that Should Know

With all the knowledge swirling around the internet about diamonds, there are certain basic facts about mined diamonds that each consumer should know, too. At NGD, we are pleased with our amazing creations (CVD Diamond or Man Made Diamond or Synthetic Diamond), so here are the foremost important facts you ought to realize your lab grown diamond.

Lab Grown Diamonds are just like Mined Diamonds

NGD CVD diamonds are as luxurious and precious as mined diamonds, because they’re physically identical, and may achieve an equivalent quite dazzle, sparkle, and wonder. A diamond, whether mined or lab grown, is that the hardest substance known to man (ranking 10.0, the very best level on the Mohs Hardness Scale). Jewelry containing mined or diamonds are often worn a day and passed on to heirs due to the diamond’s incredible durability.

Lab Grown Diamonds CVD Diamond Man Made Diamond

Lab-Grown Diamonds aren’t an equivalent as Imitation White Stones
Synthetic diamonds should never be confused with white stones like cubic zirconia (CZ), moissanite, and other inexpensive imitations. These stones don’t have an equivalent chemical, optical, thermal, and visual properties of diamond. Only Man Made diamonds are the precise same material as mined diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamonds are Rated Just the Way Mined Ones are!

CVD diamonds are graded by gemological labs using an equivalent 4C’s that mined diamonds use. NGD Man-Made diamonds are assorted by the International Gemological Institute, using the 4Cs. additionally, NGD diamonds over 0.50 carat are laser engraved and branded as lab grown. We suit all government rules on the confession of lab grown diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamonds are a High Tech Miracle

NGD lab grown diamonds start development from a diamond seed. Using patented processes and proprietary equipment, our growing experts then create conditions like those during which diamonds form deep within the earth. From that initial seed, a totally formed rough diamond crystal grows. Because diamond may be a remarkably strong and hard material, its chemical, electrical, thermal, and optical properties are highly wanted for an entire range of commercial and scientific uses, too.

Man Made Diamonds are a Sustainable Resource

The supply of mined diamonds, consistent with current industry projections, is predicted to say no in years to return, as diamonds from known sources peter out, with no huge mines in development. But demand for a diamond is predicted to still expand, not just for use in beautiful jewelry, but also for the spread of other industries. CVD diamonds will fill the gap, and thus help not only to guard Earth’s natural resources but also to sustain jobs within the jewelry industry, also in other industrial and high-tech fields where the diamond is required.

Lab Grown Diamonds Have a Guaranteed Origin

NGD’s Synthetic diamonds are created in dedicated growing facilities, so you recognize where your diamonds were born and you’ll make certain they were responsibly sourced. When our rough crystals are ready for cutting, faceting, and polishing, NGD uses highly trained diamond cutters from established diamond manufacturing centers around the world to bring our CVD Diamond beauties to a sparkling finish.

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