Why Are Synthetic Diamonds Called Eco-friendly Diamonds?

Synthetic diamonds are diamond created through a controlled process as compared with natural diamonds created through geological processes or imitation synthetic diamonds made of non-diamond material that looks similar to a real diamond.

In today’s world, any production process or manufacturing of products ends up in extreme environmental degradation. The large factories and industries pollute the environment with their methods of production. From gathering raw materials to making the ultimate product, these methods cause harm to the environment in a method or the other.

Why Are Synthetic Diamonds Called Eco-friendly Diamonds?

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As environmental concerns have emerged over the years, so have people’s preference for eco-friendly products over conventionally made products. An international survey by Unilever revealed that 1 of 3 people prefer to buy from companies and brands, which contribute to the replenishment, maintenance and have an eco-friendly approach towards the environment.

The survey mentioned that 53% of buyers within the UK and 78% of buyers within the US, stated that they felt more pleasure in purchasing products that were sustainably produced. This percentage rises to 88% in India and 85% in both Brazil and Turkey.

A somewhat similar condition holds for the emerging diamond industry. Many buyers are aiming for human-made diamonds and eco-friendly diamonds. This can be due to the alarming destruction caused in obtaining natural diamonds. Mined diamonds are looked down upon in recent years.

These natural diamonds, when mined out of deep caves and diamond mines, take deadly damage to the environment. These effects could also be soil erosion, water pollution, air pollution, carbon emission increase, deforestation, and much more.

Along with natural loose diamonds, temporary and fake jewelry also contributes to producing waste and leaving a carbon footprint, causing pollution. There’s an alternate for all of this, which is synthetic diamonds!

These synthetic diamonds or lab-grown loose diamonds have paved the way for a more sustainable and eco-friendly output within the diamond industry.

These lab-created diamonds don’t cause environmental degradation, produce reduced amounts of waste, and regulate waste disposal, making it an eco-friendly alternative to mined diamonds.

Here are some benefits of synthetic diamonds or so-called eco-friendly diamonds:

Synthetic Diamonds Don’t Destroy the Environment

These lab-grown fancy diamonds aren’t cultivated through mining, but rather are made by scientific methods during a laboratory. These methods create negligible waste and are much more efficient than mining.

Mining of diamonds on the other and are taking a deadly toll on the environment. Consistent with stats, to mine 1 carat of rough diamond, more than 1 ton of land needs to be mined. Some companies do nothing about this.

While, many companies though, do follow environmental restoration codes, which make sure that the amount of land dugout is going to be refilled. But it’s technically impossible to fill a specific area completely back to its original state.

Synthetic diamonds don’t cause air or water pollution.

In the whole process of making HPHT Synthetic diamonds or CVD diamonds, there’s negligible air or water pollution. These synthetic diamonds are created in closed chambers in controlled environments.

These lab-grown diamonds produce negligible waste, which is treated and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Alongside this, the usage of energy and emission of carbon footprint is comparatively less when creating synthetic diamonds.

Natural diamonds, on the other hand, are mined from deep diamond mines and caves. During the mining process, a ton of dust covers the entire sky causing air pollution.

The dust and various chemicals released from the mine make way to water sources and contaminate it, making water pollution. People going inside mines or living in that area manage to develop many respiratory diseases.

Energy and fossil fuels utilized in the mining process cause an increase in carbon emission, greenhouse gases, and chemical substances for that specific area. Such factors lead to an increase in temperature near those areas, smog, degraded air quality, and many other harmful environmental impacts.

To give you a particular number, the amount of carbon emission produced by mined diamonds is 57000 grams/carat. While synthetic diamonds release only 0.02 grams/carat of carbon emission. (Source- Environmental Impact Analysis: Production of Rough Diamonds report published by Frost & Sullivan)

Synthetic Diamonds Are Sustainable

With the growing population and therefore the ever-increasing demands of fancy diamonds, vigorous mining of diamonds is being carried out. Diamonds are an amazing investment opportunity and loved by many. This has resulted in experts to believe that the availability won’t be ready to meet the demands. So how will we overcome this problem?

Human-made diamonds are the answer! These diamonds, which were produced in labs by the CVD diamond method and HPHT synthetic diamond method, are the resolution to sustainability. These eco-friendly diamonds are created in labs and depend upon how much raw material you’ll provide.

The assembly of synthetic diamond is basically within the hands of humans and not nature. Unlimited supply can be obtained from synthetic diamonds, which can then help in satisfying the demand for white diamonds, loose diamonds, fancy diamonds, etc.

And as many buyers now days have concerns regarding the production process, and whether or not it’s eco-friendly. Synthetic diamond follow environmental regulations and pose because of the best solution. Synthetic diamonds are contributing to making a sustainable diamond industry.

Synthetic Diamonds Don’t Destroy Natural Habitat

As these synthetic diamonds are created in labs inside small chambers, they barely have an impact on the outside environment. The creation of lab-grown loose diamonds in no way harms plants, animals, the surrounding area, or the general vegetation. The ecology and purity of nature remain intact when lab-grown loose diamonds are created.

While in mining, companies finish up harming the natural vegetation nearby, contaminate nearby water reserves and harm the flora & fauna of that area. In such cases, to choose a synthetic diamond is considered the simplest option.

Synthetic Diamonds Used Up Less Energy

These lab-grown loose diamonds are created by laboratory methods: CVD diamond making methods, HPHT synthetic diamond making method. Both of those methods involve the utilization of a small diamond seed, and therefore the creation of carbon layers over this seed, which within the end, produces a person made diamond.

These processes to produce loose diamonds are carried out in labs, under a controlled environment. The energy required is almost reasonable, and therefore the electricity supplied also comes from renewable resources just like the sun or wind.

While within the mining of diamonds, there’s extensive use of electricity and fuel. Both lead to excess pollution over time and an increase in the radiation of carbon footprint. Synthetic diamonds are a far better alternative that is eco-friendly.

Synthetic Diamonds Are Created During a Safe Environment

Many people are concerned with the impact of diamond companies on the environment. The reason synthetic diamond companies are gaining popularity is that they care about the environment. Their motive is to reduce the damage caused on earth and still be able to produce eco-friendly diamonds.

And with this rising awareness of what lab-grown diamond companies do for the world, preference of lab-grown diamonds over natural diamonds have increased in recent years. Synthetic diamonds for the win!

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