Lab-Grown Diamonds Gift Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is that the only holiday where you get to focus solely on your spouse. With so much pressure, it can be not very easy to find your partner the right Valentine Day diamond gift idea. Don’t worry! New Grown Diamond is here to help with our Valentine Day gift guide. You will find collections of sweetheart-inspired and traditional lab-grown diamonds are bound to have just the piece your Valentine’s day will love.

Are you shopping early for Valentine’s Day 2020? You’ve come to the correct place. Valentine Day gift inspiration needs to come from your heart. On Valentine Day, more than the other Day of the year, what you give to your partner should be nothing short of perfect.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Gift Ideas for Yous Valentine's Day

Let New grown Diamonds help you make Valentine Day 2020 the most effective one yet. With over one hundred years of experience. And with fiery, brilliant diamonds and stunning gemstones which will take your breath away, our lab-grown diamonds will let her know it’s true love.

Just like love, Valentine’s jewelry comes in many various varieties. Only you’ll know obviously what best symbolizes the bond that you simply and your beloved share. Here Newgrown Diamonds, we’re happy to help point you in the right direction. Undecided, what kind of jewelry will make your Valentine glow? Don’t worry – our suggestions will give you all you need. You’ve got this!

You can shop directly for lab-grown diamond jewelry and gemstone jewelry if you know what you would like — feeling creative? You’ll design your own Valentine’s jewelry with our interactive Create Your Own collection, too! If your partner has a birthday this month, do not forget to get extra points with the colorful violet February birthstone, amethyst. It’s never too early to start out thinking about Valentine Day 2020!

Lab-Grown Diamonds for Valentine’s Day? The Complicated New Front of Luxury Jewelry

Every woman (and really every man, too) has a diamond difficulty—an inability to resist that shine and sparkle of the hard carbon mineral and, therefore, the concept of love, commitment, and social status it represents.

Although it’s been regularly proven that this century-old obsession is about make-believe, serviced by advertising slogans like “A Lab-Grown Diamonds is Forever.” Which the valuable stone is really neither as scarce as its price tag suggests nor as indestructible as its sellers claim. Three in four women in America still need lab-grown diamonds on their ring fingers on their engagement day.

The lab-grown diamond industry has, for over a century, been portrayed by media as an evil monopoly. During which a handful of mining giants manipulate the availability and demand (and hence the price) while blindly ignoring the high environmental and humanitarian costs related to their business.

But over the last few years, the lab-grown diamonds cartel has seen a crop of challengers who offer a challenging alternative: lab-grown diamonds that are chemically and physically just like their natural counterparts but less expensive and friendlier to the environment.

Find the perfect engagement ring this Valentine’s Day

A sparkling, socially-conscious alternative to mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds are similar chemically and physically as mined diamonds— the only difference is that they are grown during a high-tech lab rather than mined from the world.

And carat for carat, lab-grown diamonds are a far better value. Get a bigger stone for your money with a diamond grown from carbon under high pressure and extreme heat. A modern choice!

While choosing an engagement ring are often exciting, the variety of settings, precious metals, and lab-grown diamonds is often overwhelming. However, the following tips will help you find the perfect diamond engagement ring.

Set Your Price Limit

Before you begin shopping, know how much you would like to spend. There’s no right or wrong amount to put toward a ring, and lots of beautiful stones and designs are available to suit any budget. It’s important to note that lab-grown diamonds are often up to 40 percent less costly than mined stones.

Learn the “4 C’s” of Lab-grown Diamonds

These are cut color, clarity, and carat. Here’s the translation:

Cut: The cut of a diamond is that the most important think about determining its fire, brilliance, and sparkle.

Color: Not all diamonds are clear; some have varying tints of yellow.

Clarity: A measure of the number of flaws or inclusions within the stone.

Carat: A measure from the weight of the diamond. However, more weight also indicates a bigger size.

Consider Shape

The common lab-grown diamonds shapes utilized in engagement rings are round cushion, pear, oval, princess, radiant, and emerald.

Each of those shapes has its fans and distinctive features. As an example, a round diamond is that the classic engagement ring style, but the larger facets of a cushion style can enhance brilliance, and therefore the elongated emerald cut presents a bold look which will make a diamond appear larger than its carat weight.

Choose a Setting

Deciding the right setting or lab-grown diamonds shape for your stone may be a personal decision. Some people have specific ideas for a setting and take longer on the stone, or vice versa.

However, not all settings accommodate all shapes, so it’s important to prioritize one or the opposite if you’re set on a particular shape or setting.

Common ring styles include the solitaire, an easy band that showcases any lab-grown diamonds shape; halo, during which smaller diamonds surround a central stone; classic, which features a row of accent diamonds along with the ring band; and vintage, which replicates design styles from different time periods.

Contemplate Your Center Stone

When it involves your center stone, there are a few different options to decide on from. Although lab-grown diamonds are the foremost popular, birthstones, moissanite, and cubic zirconia also are great budget-friendly options.

In regards to diamonds, there are two types to decide on from mined diamonds and lab-created diamonds.

While a mined diamond is extracted from the earth, lab-grown stones are sure to be ethically sourced and, as mentioned above, up to 40 percent less costly.

Both types are identical in terms of chemistry and physical appearance. However, interest in lab-created diamonds has surged in recent years as more couples are concerned with sustainability, also as beauty and romance.

Why New Grown Diamond is the best place to buy Lab-Grown Diamonds

The reason you want to buy Lab-Grown Diamonds from us is quality, but that’s not your sole reason to pick us. Buyers have many other concerns about diamonds, and we try to do our best to meet them through our products.

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